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  1. Sheila Godby

    Hi here is a poem for the Moose Call
    Forest Danger

    Smoke is in the air, many planes we hear
    Helicopters too and fire fighters near
    Fear colours the air….What happens if..??
    Worries arise but hope stays strong
    As forest fire fighters beat the flames down.

    Forests we love but so dry tempting danger
    Lightning awaits to set all asunder!
    Rain,wholly wished for, we often decry
    But now “Wet the forest!”is the cry!

    Use caution all campers stay out at this time
    Of designated areas assessed as too dry.
    Have respect for your nation
    And your neighbours too
    AVOID a conflagration
    It could happen to you!

    By Sheila (Keenan) Godby

  2. Sheila Godby

    Here is another poem….perhaps it portrays AFTER the danger of fire is past!


    Dawn arrives having been
    Foreshadowed by light
    Through the darkness.

    Bright beams enter
    A world awakening

    Mist remains shortly
    The leaves in ghostly way
    Until it is gone.

    Nature arising early
    Continues to shine
    Through the hours
    Of the new day

    EMBLAZONED, Lively
    Full of spirit
    Joyously , LIFE
    Moves on!

    By Sheila (Keenan)Godby

    Moves on.

    Having been foreeshadowed

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