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Public Works Providing Roads, Sewers, Lights and Park Maintenance:

Public Work is responsible for maintaining roadways, ditches, entrance culverts and curb and gutter.  In-ground storm and sanitary sewer systems provide for the Town’s drainage and sanitation needs. On a year-round basis these are all maintained.

Environmental Protection Through Waste Management:

Public Works provides municipal waste management through refuse collection and landfill management.  All of these activities contribute to a cleaner environment for Latchford.


In the spring season it is time for cleaning the last ruins of winter.


Summer is the time for construction activities with maintenance and or repairs to the roadways, sewers and cleaning of ditches.  In addition, preventative maintenance with sewer flushing is implemented to avoid long-term problems.
Construction activities are divided into curb repair, lawn restoration, road repair, ditching, and culvert replacement.  Problems with the street and lights adjacent to your property or in your neighbourhood are dealt.


Fall brings an end to the construction and we prepare for the upcoming winter season. Then replenishing of sand and salt used by Public Works usually takes place over a four to six-week period.  Any construction work started during the summer season is brought to completion or halt.


Snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting during the winter brings around-the-clock operations.

Each season change brings different responsibilities to Public Works.

Roger Clark – Public Works Foreman
10 Main Street
Latchford, ON
P0J 1N0
Telephone: 705-648-9900
Fax: 705-676-2121